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Photos to Cherish Forever


My goal as your photographer is to create beautiful mementos of your family that will be cherished for years to come.


Time often flies by and before we know it those sweet little babies are in high school or our once fully colored hair seems a bit grayish. While there's no fountain of youth or any time machine (I'm aware of lol) a photo can freeze a moment of time forever.

My packages are all inclusive so there's no extra fees later! You can print, post and send them to whoever as many times as you'd like without the worry of paying print, download or copyright fees. Your photos are your own to do with as you please!

When it comes to your photos your vision is my mission. Being an adrenaline junky, there's no idea that is too far-fetched. I mean, jumping out of airplanes is something I do for fun!

I would love to help plan, capture and create the most amazing photos for you and your family. Timeless photos are only a click away.

Attention to detail is my thing, I'll let a fun, memorable time with the family be yours. 

Prices are based off locations within 60 miles of Fredericksburg, VA. For further locations, please contact.

Regular session

  • 1 hour long session

  • Location of choice

  • Minimum of 35 digital images


Mini session

  • 30 minute long session

  • Location of choice

  • Minimum of 20 digital images


I can see it now you, me, your family, my camera and a beautiful location. Oh yeah, those are going to be some stunning photos!

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